Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Map of Leeds, UK

If you`re looking for maps of Leeds, United Kingdom then look no further (well, just look down below this text). Leeds is located in West Yorkshire county and is the third largest city in the UK, after London and Birmingham, with a population of 757,700. Its metro area (the West Yorkshire urban built-up area) has a total of 2,301,000 people, making it the fourth largest urban area in the UK, after London, Manchester, and Birmingham. It is also home of the Spice Girls, which you are undoubtedly thrilled by and that`s why you want to visit Leeds (RIGHT?).

Check out these Leeds maps below.

Map of Leeds, UK

Map of Leeds, England, United Kingdom

I hope you found a good Leeds map up above that helps you navigate the city during your visit. Leave your comments and requests down below in the comments section.

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