Friday, April 24, 2015

Map of Countries Not Using the Metric System

When you look below at the map of countries still not using the metric system, you might be surprised. Or maybe not. Almost every country on earth has officially adopted the metric system and for all intents and purposes abandoned the old British imperial system. Only three countries are on the map; the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar. Yes, the United States is in the good company of two countries quite prone to spiraling into chaotic violence and near-self destruction.

But it was announced in late 2013 that Myanmar is preparing a change over to the metric system. This, as far as I know, is still in the preparatory stages, but once it is implemented, it means that the USA and Liberia will be the only two countries still holding onto the imperial system. Why? I don`t know. It doesn`t make much sense to me why things freeze at 32 degrees fahrenheit. It`s perfectly reasonable that they freeze at 0 degrees Celsius. But Americans like to do their own thing. And Liberians -- I guess they`ve got better things to worry about.

This is a map of the countries not using metric system, ie. still using imperial.
Map of countries still not using metric system

Here`s the converse. This is a map of countries using the metric system, not the imperial system.

map of countries still using imperial system of measurements

It should be noted that the old imperial system is still in use to some degree in various countries around the world. I guess old habits die hard. But amongst younger generations there is a greater degree of metric usage.

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