Friday, April 24, 2015

Manchester Map, UK

If a Manchester map is what you know then you`ve come to the right page. Manchester is a name that reverberates throughout the world, partly because of its sports team Manchester United. Believe it or not, Manchester is only the seventh largest city in the UK. But when we look at the entire built-up urban area (including suburbs and bedroom communities) then Manchester is second to London with a population of 2,553, 379. That is slightly more populous than Birmingham`s urban area. The jury is still out on whether Manchester or Birmingham should be considered the UK`s "second city" (ie. second most important and influential).

The city`s population is quite multi-ethnic, with whites comprising 66.7% of the population, Asians (from the Indian subcontinent) comprising 14.4%, blacks 8.6%, mixed race 4.7%, Chinese 2.7%, and Arab 1.9%.

Manchester is located 208.6 miles northwest of London, a journey which takes 3 hours and 45 minutes by bus, or 2 hours and 8 minutes by train.

Here are two standard Manchester maps showing all the important streets in the central city area. Click on the maps and zoom to see their full size, and download them for offline use.

The next map of Manchester is a tourist map highlighting the main attractions in the city for visitors. I always like these tourist maps with icons of famous landmarks, because sometimes you`re navigating the city looking for something and you see it off in the distance. If you`ve seen the icon on your map, you`re more likely to recognize it and walk the right way. Of course you already know the most famous places, but there are always a few attractions that are locally but not internationally famous and the map icons help us track them down. 

Leave a comment to let me know if these maps were what you were looking for! I hope you have a good visit to Manchester, United Kingdom.

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