Thursday, April 30, 2015

Liverpool Train Map (Merseyrail)

If you need a Liverpool train map then have a look down below. There are two brilliant designs! Liverpool`s train service is mostly provided by Merseyrail, which operates three lines in central Liverpool and beyond. They are the Northern Line, Wirrai Line, and City Line. You can see from the first map below that there are other companies` lines operating as well, though more out on the periphery.

The Merseyrail system consists of 65 stations around Liverpool, with 75 kilometers of rail. It is sometimes referred to as the Liverpool Underground or Liverpool Subway, but in reality only 6.5 kilometers of the lines right in the city center are underground.

Here is one of the official Merseyrail Liverpool train maps, showing connections to other lines and buses. I think it`s the coolest thing ever that  Liverpool`s airport is named after John Lennon!
Map of Merseyrail lines in Liverpool UK
 This map is a specially stylized circular map of the Liverpool train system. This one is probably useful for people who don`t know the layout of Liverpool, because it`s nice and tidy and it`s easy to find stations on the map. But if you already know Liverpool`s physical layout then you might find this map a tad confusing.

Merseyrail Liverpool Train Map - circular design

I hope you found the above maps useful, and good luck navigating this attractive city!

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