Monday, April 27, 2015

Glasgow Subway Map

If you need a Glasgow subway map, then you`ll fine one here! The Glasgow Underground is one of the oldest in the world, being built in 1896. The only underground metro systems older than Glasgow`s are the London Underground and Budapest`s metro system. It runs completely underground, the only such system in the UK outside of London.

The Glasgow subway is a loop line that runs in a 10.5 km circle on the north and south sides of the River Clyde. It has never been expanded beyond its original route, because of the coast but also because there are abandoned mine shafts below the city surface which makes it difficult and dangerous build the necessary tunnels.

This is a roads map of central Glasgow, Scotland with the subway in bright red, showing all stations around the line.
Map of Glasgow Underground

Here`s a slightly more stylish Glasgow subway map with nice fonts and images, but excluding all the minor streets inside the loop line. Only major streets are shown.

Map of Glasgow subway and city centre

Here is the official map of the Glasgow subway loop line.

Official map of Glasgow Underground system

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