Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moscow Metro Map

If you look down below you will find a good Moscow Metro map to help you navigate the city`s mammoth maze-like public transportation city.

The Moscow Metro is the rapid transit system that functions within the city of Moscow, Russia. It also runs in the nearby town of Krasnogorsk, which functions like a bedtown or commuter city. In the beginning it was a simple 11 km long single train line with only 13 stations, but today has grown into a massive city with 185 stations totalling 305.7 km. Most of the system is underground subway. After the Tokyo subway, Moscow`s metro system is the second-most used subway system in the world with average daily passenger traffic reaching 6.6 million.

It is a state-owned system rather than a private one.

Metro map of Moscow
Moscow Metro map

Hopefully the Moscow Metro Map choices above are good. To be honest, there are a lot of maps of the Moscow metro but they`re pretty much all the same so I thought just these 2 would be enough.

Check out this video of massive crowds in the Moscow subway. This is after a special sporting event or something, so don`t think that it`s always this crowded. But the fact that it can ever get this bad shows you just how busy of a rapid transit system it really is.

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