Thursday, February 9, 2012

Map of Zurich Switzerland

Down below you can find a map of Zurich Switzerland collection.

The first two maps are scans from a Rough Guide travel book. The first shows Zurich as a whole, and the second focuses in on Central Zurich.

Zurich is the most populous city in the federal state of Switzerland, as well as the capital of the Zurich canton. If you don`t know about Zurich, it is a federation of formerly independent countries, with each federal state being called a "canton". The various cantons have various official languages and cultural differences.

Zurich is not a massive city. It has a population of around 380,500 people. The metropolitan area as a whole has a much larger population of around 2 million, but it still has the feel of a small city.

The city`s climate features four distinct seaons, with moderately warm summers, cool to mild fall and spring, and cold winters. Average winter highs range from 3 to 8 degrees celsius, and average lows range from -5 to 0 degrees.

Zurich is a city of natural beauty and a place of outdoor activities and sports. Many people get around the city on bicycle, with bike lanes clearly labelled and marked for the benefit of cyclists.

Map of Zurich Switzerland
Central Zurich map
Tourist map of Zurich Switzerland

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