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Map of Tel Aviv

After the article about the city, you can choose a map of Tel Aviv, Israel for informational or travel purposes.

It is said that there are two Israels, and the focal point of one of those Israels is Jersualem. It is the religious and historical capital city where Orthodox Jews form a large part of the population and day-to-day life is more Jewish. Then of course there are the Arab neighbourhoods in the city, which are traditional and religious in their own way. The focal point of the other Israel is Tel Aviv, the modern, secular capital located on the Mediterranean Coast. It is a city of beaches, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and other staples life for secular Israelis.

Tel Aviv itself is a small city of only 405,000, which is smaller than Jerusalem. But Jersualem`s metro area much smaller than Tel Aviv`s metro area of over 3.3 million. This area is called the Gush-Dan region, a sprawling cluster of modern suburbs radiating outwards from Tel Aviv. This metro area makes up nearly half of Israel`s population.

Tel Aviv is a modern city that was founded in 1909, adjacent to the town of Jaffa (Yafo in Hebrew) whose history extends back to Biblical times. Tel Aviv-Yafo is now a single municipality, uniting both ancient and modern into one city. Jaffa`s Old City, while nothing like the Old City of Jersualem, is a popular attraction and a beautiful escape from the bustle of central Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with hot humid summers (and believe me when I say humid), and mild wet winters. Daytime highs in winter are reasonably warm, in the 15-20 degree range, but lows are typically in the 8-10 degree range, with temperatures sometimes dropping lower. Freezing temperatures are virtually unheard of and have only occurred a couple of times in recorded history. Though snow has been seen on various rare occasions in some of the inland suburbs of Tel Aviv. But those are rare occurrences, and anybody coming from a colder climate will find Tel Aviv`s winters pleasantly mild and comfortable.

Map of Tel Aviv Yafo
Israel Tel Aviv map
Tel Aviv road map

I hope the above Tel Aviv map files will be useful to you in your travels to the Israeli coastal plain.

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