Sunday, February 5, 2012

Map of Moscow

Look down below to find a useful map of Moscow, Russia.

This first map of Moscow is absolutely gigantic and is written in Russian. But maybe you can decipher it!

Moscow, pronounced Moskva in Russian, is the largest city in Russia as well as its capital city. It is also the most populous city in Europe, and sixth largest city in the world (when measured in terms of the city proper, without considering the entire metropolitan area). The city proper`s population is a whopping 11.5 million.

The city is located on the Moskva River, with the river and its canals flowing throughout the city. 49 birdges span the waterways throughout the city. The city is oriented around the Kremlin which rests at the center of the city, and the road system is focused around this central point.

The climate of Moscow is quite extreme, with warm and humid summers, and long cold winter seasons. In winter, temperatures are normally around -10 degrees celsius at night, and still below zero in the daytime. Snow is present for 3-5 months a year, from November to mid-March.

Big map pf Moscow

This next Moscow map isn`t quite as detailed but at least it`s written in Roman characters so you`re more likely to be able to read it.

Moscow map

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