Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Map of Madrid, Spain

Look down below for a good map of Madrid, Spain. There`s a tourist map of Madrid, Madrid street map, and more.

Madrid is the capital city of Spain, as well as its most populous city with a population of 3.3 million in the city proper. There are over 6.2 million people if we include the whole metropolitan area. Its metro area is the third largest in the EU, after London and Paris.

It is located in central Spain, at a relatively high elevation which causes it to have relatively cold winters compared to other cities with Mediterranean climates. In the summers it is hot and dry, with temperatures over 30 degrees the norm. In the winter the daily highs are usually in the range of 9-12 degrees, with average lows ranging from 2 to 6 degrees. Note that I am talking about degrees celsius here, not the American farenheit system of measurement.

Madrid is a city of impressive historical and cultural attractions which attract over 6 million visitors a year. These include the Valley of the Fallen, Victory Arch, Royal Palace of Madrid, Palacio Real, the Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, and the lovely Church of Saint Anton’s.

Map of Madrid
Madrid tourist map
map of Madrid downtown area

Enjoy the map of Madrid Spain that you chose from the above mini-selection. Be sure to check out the other Spanish and European cities in our collections.

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