Thursday, February 9, 2012

Map of Lisbon, Portugal

At the bottom below the article, there is a map of Lisbon Portugal or two for your commuting and travel info.

Lisbon is the largest city in the southwestern European nation of Portugal, as well as its capital city. The city population is 545,245, but the entire metro area`s population reaches as high as three million people - so Lisbon is a big bustling city. This is around 30% of Portugal`s population.

Lisbon is located further west than any other big city in Europe, being situated on the western part of the Iberian peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Tagus River.

It is not usually known as such, but Lisbon is actually one of the oldest cities in the world, older than Rome, London, and Paris.

As many cities in southern Europe do, Lisbon has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with mild wet winters and warm/hot dry summers. Average highs in summer are around 28 degrees celsius, and averageh highs in winter are around 15 degrees. Average lows in winter can be fairly chilly, around 8-10 degrees (though temperatures often dip lower than that range).

icon map ofLisbon Portugal
Map of Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon Map Europe

Judging by the large size and amount of detail in the above Lisbon maps, I hope you found one that you can make good use of.

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