Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Map of Karachi Pakistan

If you need a good map of Karachi, Pakistan, then you can probably find one you like down below.

Karachi is the largest city in the South-Asian country of Pakistan. It is the country`s principal seaport, being located on the Indian Ocean coast in the south of Pakistan, and it is also the financial center of Pakistan. The government gets a huge proportion of its annual revenues from economic activity in Pakistan. 53.38%, to be exact.

It has a population of somewhere between 13 and 15 million in the city proper, and 18 million in the entire metropolitan area. This makes it one of the most populous cities on Earth, as well as the tenth most populous metro conurbation in the world.

Karachi has a hot arid climate with hot, humid summers, and mild and dry winters. "Mild" is a loosely used term here because the daily highs in the winter are typically in the mid to upper 20s. Daily lows in winter average in the range of 15 degrees, though cold nights do occasionally occur.

current Karachi map
City map of Karachi Pakistan
Road map of Karachi

I hope you found a useful map of Karachi, Pakistan up above, since a good map will help you in navigating such a gigantic metropolis.

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