Thursday, February 2, 2012

Map of Delhi

Check the map collection down below to see if there is a map of Dehli that gives you the info you`re looking for.

The city of Delhi, India is the capital of the country and the second largest metropolitan area in India. It is also the 8th largest metropolitan area in the world. The National Capital Territory of Delhi has a population of 16,753,265. The greater National Capital Region has an even larger population of 22.2 million. This area includes some satellite towns surrounding Delhi.

Technically speaking, Delhi is a metropolitan territory, and the capital city of India is New Delhi, one of the cities that lies within the metropolitan territory. Delhi is located in the north central part of India. Its climate is subtropical, but with a tilt towards tropical. Its summer is very long and extremely hot, with June to September experiencing heavy monsoon rainfall. Late November through March brings the "winter" though this is probably unlike any winter you`ve ever experienced. With high temperatures between 20 and 30, the winters are not cold. The daily lows can be cool, with night time and early mornings reaching around 7 degrees in the peak of winter. But the daily highs will be much warmer. Winter sees heavy fog for which Delhi is famous.

Delhi Map
Delhi map for travellers
Political map of Delhi

Did you find a good Delhi map? Delhi is a massive city so it would be a good idea to make sure you know the layout and orientation of the city before you arrive!

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