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Map of Old City of Jerusalem

Look down below for a map of the Old City of Jerusalem. The walled Old City is the focal point of Jerusalem, and is where the majority of the city`s important religious and historical sites are clustered. The Western Wall, Judaism`s holiest site, is located inside the Old City, and so is the adjacent Temple Mount which is the holiest site in Islam. The Via Dolorosa which is traditionally thought to be the route that Jesus walked on his way to crucifixion, is also located inside the walled city, and Christian pilgrims can be seen stopping at the various stations along the route, especially in the lead-up to Easter.

The Old City is comprised of four different quarters, where different populations live. They are the Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Muslim Quarters.

In the first map you can see the various gates through which you can enter the Old City. Most people coming from West Jerusalem walk through Jaffa gate, or through Dung Gate if they go straight to the Western Wall. Coming from East Jerusalem, most people enter through Damascus Gate which leads into the Muslim Quarter.

map of old jerusalem gates

In the following maps of Old Jerusalem you can more clearly see all of the main sites and attractions inside the walls, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, David`s Tower and Citadel, the route of the Via Dolorosa, and so on.

map of old city of jerusalem and its quarters

map olf old jerusalem four quarters

Map of Jerusalem Old City Walls and Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter, and Muslim Quarter.

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