Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Map of Barcelona

Check down below for a good map of Barcelona.

Barcelona is a major city that travellers have been visiting for centuries. It is Spain`s second largest city, and the largest city of the region of Catalonia. Being founded more than 2000 years ago and having been an important city in Roman times, Barcelona is full of historical and archaeological treasures, architectural wonders, and cultural ambience.

Barcelona has become a much more modern city in recent times, especially since it hosted the Olympics in 1992. Since then infrastructure and public buildings have been upgraded so that now Barcelona looks much more like a 21st century city - yet it still holds all the old treasures it used to, just with less grubbiness.

Barcelona has a number of distinct districts, each of which house special sites and attractions.

Ciutat Vella is home to Barcelona`s old town.

Exiample is home to Barcelona`s Modernist quarter and nouveau buildings.

Sants-Montjuic is home to many museums, monuments, and festivals. It is popular with visitors.

Gracia is less touristy and is more of a modern area full of trendy young people.

Other areas include Sant Marti as well as the Inland Suburbs.

Barcelona map for tourists

Hopefully there was a Barcelona map up above that suited your needs. Barcelona is a huge metropolis so it would be good to make sure you have a good map before you go!

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