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San Francisco Map

On paper San Francisco doesn`t sound like a huge city. It has a population of 805,235, making it only the 13th largest city in the USA. There are two factors, though, that make San Francisco a large metropolis in practice. One of those factors is the fact that San Francisco is the second most densely populated city in the USA, after New York City. That means that the city is constantly hustling and bustling, and has the kind of urban energy that a much larger city has, even though it may be smaller in area. The second factor is that San Francisco is the focal point and economic center of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area metropolis, one of the most populous metro areas in the USA (actually, it is the 6th most populous), with a total population of 7.15 million people. The area includes other well-known large cities like Oakland and San Jose, the latter actually having a bigger population than San Francisco. But San Francisco remains the bustling business center of the metropolis, partly because of its historic importance and position on the San Francisco Bay.

The climate of San Francisco and the whole Bay Area is a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and mild wet winters. But San Francisco`s summers are cooler than most other major US cities in the summer. San Francisco has a narrow range of temperature variation year-round, making it an all-round pleasant place to live.

San Francisco has mnay famous historical sites like its Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and more.

Here is a San Francisco map showing the city greenspace.

San Francisco Map showing greenspace

Here is a map of San Francisco Bay Area.

Map of San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco Map

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