Thursday, January 26, 2012

Louisville Map

A Louisville map for your reference can be found down below the destination overview.

Louisville, Kentucky is another one of those cities whose population suddenly went through the roof in a single day - that`s because of a merger that made the entire county a part of Louisville city. The city is found in the southeastern part of the state, adjacent to the borders of Kentucky and Indiana (which are marked by the Ohio River).

Kentucky is not exactly located in the deep south, but its culture is generally thought of as southern and the deep south has definitely had an influence on Kentucky. Louisville is often nicknamed "the northernmost Southern city" in the US.

The city`s population is 741,096 (in its consolidated borders). In the old borders it would be 597,337. The population is about 75% white, 23% black, 0.6% native American, 2% Asian, 2.9% Hispanic (though Hispanic is technically not a racial category).

Louisville map of highways
Map of Louisville KY USA

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