Wednesday, January 11, 2012

El Paso Map

El Paso is a city with a population of 649,121, which makes it the 19th largest city in the United States. But that statistic is a little misleading. Let`s compare El Paso to Detroit, the 18th largest city in the US. By just looking at their city populations they look comparable in size and importance, but if we look at the metro area that determines the amount of activity in the city, Metro Detroit has around 5 million while Metro El Paso has only 800,000. This metro reality makes El Paso a much smaller city in practical terms.

But one interesting fact about El Paso is that it lies on the Texas-Mexico border, and lies adjacent to the city of Juarez which lies in Chihuahua provice, Mexico. These two cities are often thought of as a single trans-border metropolitan area, similar to San Diego and Tijuana.

El Paso has a hot desert climate, with extremely hot dry summers with little humidity or precipitation. Winters are mild with relatively high daily highs, of around 15 degrees or so, but with cold night time temperatures which occasionally reach freezing.

Here is a basic El Paso map.

El Paso Map

This map of El Paso is more detailed than the one above.

Map of El Paso

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