Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Honolulu Map

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Honolulu is the biggest city and state capital of the US state of Hawaii. Located on the island of Oahu, the city is a medium size one with 390,738 people. The metro area turns this into a major city of 953,207. But due to the huge numbers of tourists visiting Hawaii around the year, Honolulu is a much more bustling place than a lot of other cities of this size.

Honolulu has a tropical climate with warm weather year round, with slightly cooler and wetter winters, though sunshine is common throughout the year. In the winter moneths the temperature range is typically 18-27 degrees, while in the summer months, the range is typically 23-31 degrees. Not a lot of variation, though when it`s cloudy during the winter, with the sea breeze from the ocean, it`s not uncommon to feel a little chilly. But it`s still much better than being in New York or Toronto during the winter!

Honolulu map of city
Honolulu map of Oahu
Honolulu map Hawaii USA

Did you find a good Honolulu map? It`s not such a big city to navigate, but hey a good map always helps, right?

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