Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Virginia Beach Map

By scrolling down towards the bottom of the page, you can find some good Virginia Beach map images.

Virginia Beach is a city situated in the state of Virginia. It is an independent city, which means that it is not a part of any county. The city population is just 438,000 - not too big, right? But the entire metropolitan area surrounding the city has a total number of around 1.7 million.

The climate of Virginia Beach is humid subtropical. That means that the summers are hot and humid, while winters are mostly mild and there is little snowfall. These beautiful weather conditions, as well as the city`s location on the Atlantic Ocean have made Virginia Beach into a population resort city aimed at vacationers.

map of Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach map general

Did you get a good map of Virginia Beach up above? I hope you did, and I hope you browse the site and check out what other maps are available.

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