Monday, January 23, 2012

Portland Maps

Portland maps to guide you on your journeys in Oregon can be found down below.

Portland is located in the US state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest Region. It is situated in the northern part of the state, close to the border with Washington State. Vancouver, Washingtown lies just across the state border. After Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, Portland is the third largest city in the Pacific Northwest Region. It has a city population of 583,776 people, which means that it is the 29th biggest city in America. The Greater Portland metropolitan area has a population of about 2.26 million, making it the 23rd most populous metro area in the USA.

Portland is often referred to as one of the most "green" (ie. environmentally conscious) cities in the world. This is because of its excellent public transportation, and efficient urban planning, zoning, and land use.

Like most of the Pacific Northwest, Portland sees mildly warm, dry summers that are fairly short, and mildly cold, wet winters that are long. The fall and spring are distinct, but seem like transitional periods into and out of winter. Those seasons can be just as cool and wet as the winter season.

Road map of Portland OR
Downtown Portland Map
Downtown Portland map, Oregon

Could you find a useful map of Portland Oregon up above? The Pacific Northwest is a lovely region with expansive nature, making it one of the most beautiful cities you will likely visit.

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