Sunday, January 22, 2012

Minneapolis Map

Check down below the city description to find a Minneapolis map for your reference.

Minneapolis is the largest city in the US state of Minnesota, the 48th largest city in the USA with a population of 382,578. This makes it sound like a small city, but in reality it is a central component of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, which has a total population or 3.3 million - making it the 16th largest metro area in the country. The metro area is named after the "Twin Cities" that form its core, but there are numerous other municipalities that contribute to the large metro population. But there is no denying that Minneapolis is the most influential and the focal point of this metropolis.

Minneapolis is nicknamed the "City of Lakes" because the city contains over 20 lakes and wetlands, as well as the Mississippi river, streams, waterfalls, and parks through which the water flows. The city`s name is a combination of the Dakota word for water, "mni", and the Greek word for city, "polis". The water city is aplty named.

The city is hot and humid in summer and cold and dry in winter. It experiences rain, snow, hail, sleet, and all kinds of precipitation.

Minneapolis map of river front
Metro Minneapolis Map
Road map of Minneapolis
Map of downtown Minneapolis

Could you find a good map of Minneapolis? I hope so. It`s an important city and much bigger than you might think, so a good map is essential.

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