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Miami Map

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Miami is another one of those cities whose name can ignite the imagination by its mere mention. World famous for its beautiful climate and beaches, as well as its importance in the southeastern United States and its large Hispanic population (70%!), it is an important financial and commercial center. It has been measured to be the wealthiest city in the United States, and the 5th wealthiest in the entire world. It has also been called America`s cleanest city by Forbes magazine, thanks to its large numbers of parks, open green spaces, good air quality, clean streets, and extensive recycling activities. Downtown Miami is South Florida`s financial and business center, with a higher concentration of international banks than anywhere else in the country.

Despite Miami city`s prominence, it has a relatively small population of about 400,000. That is because most of Metro Miami`s population lives outside of the city itself. The population of the whole metro area is a mindblowing 5.5 million. Can you believe it? A city of 400,000 is the center of a metro area with over 5 million people.

Miami`s climate is a tropical monsoon climate with just two seasons: a hot humid summer, and a short, warm winter with significantly less precipitation. Though it would be a stretch to call the winter a dry season, since rainfall is plentiful year-round.

Here is a Metro Miami map, that includes the city and its suburbs.

Metro Miami map

Here`s a map of Miami showing the major roads and highways

Map of Miami

Here is a map of Miami beaches

Map of Miami beaches

Here`s one last basic Miami Map

Miami Map

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