Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Map of Mumbai

Have a glance down below to see if there is a map of Mumbai that`s useful for you.

Formerly known as Bombay, the city of Mumbai is the biggest city in India in terms of population. Its population is over 12 million in the city proper, and over 20 million for the metro area. That makes it the fourth largest city in the entire world. It is also considered the richest city in India - though poverty is still very evident throughout the city.

The city lies on the Western coast of India and has a large natural harbour, making it an important port city. It has a tropical climate that features dry, monsoon, and post monsoon seasons.The dry season lasts from December to May. From June to September, heavy monsoon weather affects the city. Occasional monsoon rains occur in October and November, which are typically considered the post-monsoon season. I have been to Mumbai once in late June, and much of the city was flooded with monsoon rains and an overloaded drainage system.

Mumbai map
Map of Mumbai city
Map of Mumbai/Bombay
Map of Mumbai aka Bombay

I gather you found a good Mumbai map up above, since there are a few different varieties of map to choose from.

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