Sunday, January 8, 2012

Map of Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a city of around 830,000 which makes it the 12th largest city in the USA. And after Chicago, it is the second largest city in the Midwest. It is situated in the state of Indiana, of which it is the capital city. It is a fairly big city, but it`s metro area does not extend that far, having a population of around 1.76 million. That is only the 34th largest metro area in the US.

Like most of the Midwest, Indianapolis has 4 distinct seasons. The summers can be blistering hot as well as humid, while Spring and Autumn are pleasantly warm, and winters are cold with daytime highs hovering slightly above zero. Springtime weather is unpredictable, with warm weather but sometimes intermittent cold weather which can even include snow.

Here you can find a map of Indianapolis to help in your research.

Downtown Indianapolis Map

This next Indianapolis map is less detailed than the previous one but indicates the main roads and highways.

Map of Indianapolis

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