Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Map of US-Mexico Border Fence

One of President Donald Trump's campaign promises was to "Build the Wall", referring to a security wall on the US-Mexican border. The main reason for this was to prevent illegal immigrants (or "undocumented migrants" as some say) from entering the country from Mexico. Was Trump the first person to suggest a wall on the border? No, not really. Maybe he wants to make a bigger, taller, stronger one or something, but there is already an existing border fence along many parts of the US-Mexico border. 

Map of US-Mexico wall

US-Mexico border wall map

You can see that there is already a fence along most of the Mexican border with California, part of the border with Arizona, a little bit of the border with New Mexico, and a very little bit of the border with Texas.

This map shows the areas that have NO fence or wall at all:

Mexico wall map

From this map we can see which areas that Trump wants to focus on building a wall (or fence?) for. Previous US presidents have found it not so necessary to build in these areas, because of the low population in those areas. But I know that if I wanted to cross the border without permission, I would aim for one of those unfenced areas for sure!

There are also some areas which do not have a pedestrian fence, but rather only a low vehicle barrier that indicates where the border is. A person on foot could easily climb over one of those barriers. These vehicles barriers are in more remote areas, while pedestrian fences are in more populated areas and are harder to get past.

Do you think it's necessary to build a fence or wall that covers the entire border?

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