Friday, September 7, 2018

Is Kurdistan a Country?

What is Kurdistan? Is it a country? Well, no. There is no independent country called "Kurdistan". The Kurds or Kurdish people are an ethnic group who speak the same language called "Kurdish". They live in an area that includes part of Eastern Turkey, part of Syria, part of Iraq, and part of Iran. In the following map you can see the area the live in:

Map of ares with Kurdish people

The Kurdish people want to have an independent country in these areas and call it "Kurdistan", but of course the countries they live in do not accept this separation. In Iraq there is actually a Kurdish province with some autonomy, but it is not an independent country. Also in Syria the Kurds have also claimed Kurdish autonomy in areas with mostly Kurdish people. In Turkey there is some big fighting between the Turkish military and Kurdish separatist fighters in eastern Turkey.

 Map of Kurdish areas

Will there be a Kurdish country in the future? It's possible that there will a country in some areas, like Iraq because they already have an autonomous area there. In Syria, maybe because there is some chaos there and who knows what the future borders and government will be. But in Turkey I don't think there will ever be a Kurdish country, because Turkey is so much against it. Also in Iran, I don't think it will happen.

Should Kurdistan be an independent country?

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