Friday, September 19, 2008

Map Of 21 Missions Of California

21 Spanish Missions dot the California coast.The missions of California were Spanish settlements initiated by Spanish King Charles III and built between between 1769 and 1823. The Spanish had already claimed this land over 200 years earlier, but didn't start settling it until they heard of plans by other powers to settle the area. The missions were a way of laying claim to the area.

Missions were chosen as the first settlements as a way of creating a unified system of commerce for the whole area in advance of the founding of towns and cities. The Spanish decided to create farms, each located 1 day's journey away from the next. This would ensure a contiguous trade route along the coast (they were built near the coast to have easy access to future sea ports). But there were not yet any Spanish settlers in the area, so who would farm the lands? Newly converted Native Americas would farm the lands! That's why missions were chosen--to create an obedient labour force while fulfilling the Catholic mission of conversion at the same time (though I suspect the former was a more important factor!).

The missions were disastrous for the local natives, but helped shaped California into the state it is today.

Here are some map of 21 missions of California. I hope they're useful and informative!

Map of 21 Missions of California showing exact location.

21 missions map of California coast.

Map of 21 missions of California with their precise location.

21 missions map of California El Camino Real.

I hope you found these 21 missions map of california useful! Be sure to check back again for future map collections.

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