Monday, September 1, 2008

Wilmington NC City Map

I hope these Wilmington NC city map images are useful to you and aid you in your travels!

Wilmington is located in New Hanover County, North Carolina in the USA. It's not a particularly large city, having a population of 121,506 as of this year. Including surrounding suburbs, the metropolitan area has a population of 532,451.

The city is set between Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, giving Wilmington extensive stretches of riverside and coastline. One of Wilmington's major tourist attractions is its downtown riverwalk, which extends 1 mile.

Basic overview of Wilmington NC City Map for download. With surrounding suburbs.

In-depth map of Wilmington NC city map with full labelling.

Here`s a detailed map of Wilmington and all of southeastern North Carolina to give context.

Detailed map of Wilmington NC City Map and environs.

I hope the above maps are useful and I hope you have an enjoyable stay in Wilmington NC.

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