Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Physical Map Of North Africa

One of North Africa's defining topographical features is of course the great Sahara Desert, which occupies a full 90% of the region's land area. Another dominant feature is the Atlas mountains which extend along near the Mediterranean coast through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Following the Atlas mountain range to the west, it slowly becomes a steppe landscape that leads into the sands of the Sahara.

Of course another dominant feature of North Africa is the Nile River and Delta in Egypt, North Africa's most fertile area and where the majority of Egypt's population lives. Other relatively fertile areas include the Mediterranean coast, oases, and some valleys in the Atlas mountains.

Here I hope you can find a good physical map of North Africa for your further research.

A physical map of North Africa showing topographical features.

Physical map of North Africa taken by satellite photo.

Elevation map of North Africa.

Here you can find a physical map of Morocco, one of North Africa's important countries.

Mountain elevations in physical map of Morocco kingdom.

I trust you found the above maps useful! Both North Africa`s land and its people are fascinating and intriguing.You definitely won`t regret visiting the region!

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