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Philippines City Maps

Philippines is a hugely populous country, with a significant portion of the population residing in the urban centers. Here I've gathered some posted some Philippines City Maps for your use and reference.

The largest city in Philippines is Quezon City with a population of 2,679,450, which is actually a part of metropolitan Manila. So effectively they, along with other cities in the area, form one urban area. I think of it as part of Manila.

Manila City itself has a population of 1,660,714 and is incredibly densely populated, with a population density of 43,079 people per square kilometer.

For city maps of Manila, please see this detailed street map of Manila.

This is Cebu City, with a population of 798,809. It has a metro population of 2.55 million, making it the the second largest city in Philippines after Manila. But hoenstly there is no comparison in the size and scale of the two cities. Cebu is much smaller and less built-up, even though it is still a busy city.

Map of Cebu City

Next is Bacolod city, with a population of 499,497. It is on the island of Negros, in the province of Negros Occidental. Negros is next to Cebu and is a rather short flight away, or a longish boatride away.

Map of Bacolod Philippines

Here is an overview of the area around Davao city, with a population of 1,363,337. The city proper has more people than Cebu City, but the metro area of Davao has a total smaller population than Cebu City (2.26 million, to be precise).

Map of Greater Davao City Philippines

Here's a detailed map of central Davao City, zooming in on the city center.

Downtown Davao City map

I hope you found these maps useful. These ones cover just a few of the major cities in Philippines and the most frequently searched for on the web. But there are additional interesting cities in the Philippines to look into.

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