Saturday, September 13, 2008

Map Of Climates Of Africa

If you`re here for Africa climate maps, then you will find what you`re looking for!

A lot of people have the impression that Africa is all tropical rainforest or all savanna, but Africa displays a lot of climatic variation. Some regions are indeed tropical, but there are high mountain peaks in Africa that are snow-covered much of the year. The northern part of Africa is mostly desert, dominated by the great Sahara Desert. An strip of semi-desert followed by steppe separates the Sahara from sub-saharan Africa, where rainforests, deciduous forests, and savanna plains dominate. More semidesert and steppe is found in South Africa and east Africa, while the Namibian desert is found in southwest Africa.

Below you can find some map of African cliamte zones for further information.

Map of Climate of Africa showing land forms and vegetation types.

Map of African climate zones showing vegetation types.

Map of climate of Africa showing great detail.

UPDATE: Here`s a bonus map showing water resources in Africa and which countries have the most water.

Map of African water resources

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