Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Map Of Al Asad Iraq

Al Asad is the largest coalition military base and airbase in Western Iraq, located in Al Anbar Province. "Al Asad" means "The Lion" in Arabic.

The base is secured by a 21 km security perimeter, with a city-like self-contained community inside, much like Baghdad's Green Zone (I've never been there, but this is what I understand from reading about it). It contains the conveniences of a regular American town, such as famous fastfood restaurants and theaters.

Because of its large size and high level of security, it is often visited by celebrities, entertainers, and members of the US administration.

2015 UPDATE: Al Asad is no longer a coalition military base, and the last US and coalition forces withdrew in 2011. It is now under the control of the Iraqi military. Earlier this year, ISIL took over the nearby town of Al-Baghdadi and began shelling Al Asad, but the Iraqi army has since taken Al-Baghdadi back from ISIL.

Below you can find a map of Al Asad Iraq. If you know of a more detailed, better map please let me know and I will add it. I haven't found a close-up detailed one--maybe they're not released for security reasons.

This first map show's Al Asad's location in Iraq.

Map of Al Asad Iraq's location in the country.

Here is a map of the airfield and base itself.

Al Asad air base Iraq

I hope these map of Al Asad Iraq images were useful.

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Ray said...
October 5, 2008 at 12:03 PM

Thank you. You just helped a dad locate his son on Google Earth and reassured a mom about her son's environment.
Former USAF SSgt Ray;
Proud dad of USMC CPL Drew

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