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Kuwait City Street Maps and Metro Maps

Kuwait City is the capital city of Kuwait, an oil-rich Arab country in the Middle East, on the Persian Gulf. Kuwait City officially has a population of around 32,500 people, but in reality the city itself is just one small piece of a much greater urban area that collectively contains over 2 million people. If you look at the first map, you can see the various "suburbs" which are technically separate municipalities from the city center, but in practice function as one city.

The total area of the Kuwait City metro area is 200 km² (77.2 sq mi).

Below are some Kuwait City street maps for your information and reference.

The first is a map of Kuwait City and its metro neighbourhoods. Click on the map to see a larger version, and to see its largest version you can right click then save the file to your computer or smartphone.

Kuwait city maps showing streets and neighbourhoods

Here is a great map of Kuwait City for travellers, showing major landmarks.

Kuwait City tourist map with landmarks

Here are some additional maps of  the Kuwait City metro. This metro system is not yet operational, but is being developed as we speak. These maps show the proposed lines and stations. It will have a total of four metro lines, with 69 stations. It will reach160 km of track. It`s quite an ambitious project for a city of its size, especially a city where most of the population drives a car.

Map of Kuwait Metro

Map of Kuwait Metro

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