Monday, September 1, 2008

City Map Of Geneva Switzerland

Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland with a population of 185,726, and the main city in Romandy - the French speaking area of Switzerland. With a total area of 15.86 km² (6.1 sq mi), it is not a terribly large city.

Geneva is the home of important international organizations like the Red Cross and the United Nations. Because of this and its historical importance as the place where the Geneva Conventions were finalized, it is a global symbol of human rights and progress.

Here is a city map of Geneva Switzerland for you to use during your travels.

Detailed road map of Geneva Switzerland

Another map of Geneva and its surroundings.

Map of Greater Geneva

Simple tourist map of Geneva Switzerland

Basic city map of Geneva Switzerland for tourists

I hope the above maps are helpful. Switzerland is a beautiful country and pleasant experience for the traveller, so I hope you can get the best out of your visit to Geneva.

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