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Maps of Rivers in China

On this page you can locate and download maps of rivers in China, one of the biggest potential producers of hydro power with a huge river system.

The two most major rivers being Huang He (Yellow) River and Chang Jiang (Yangtze) River. But China has over 50,000 rivers (!), with an average catchment area of 100 square km each. All the rivers in China together have a total length of 226,800 km. They have a total flow of 2.6 million cubic meters. In recent years China has been building huge dams on its rivers in order to harness hydro electric power, which is a great supply of renewable energy on the one hand, but an environmental hazard that destroys soil, displaces people, and increases earthquake risk on the other hand. Dams are common around the world and are typically justifiable, but China`s mega-dams constructed in recent years are quite extreme in their ambition.

The first of these maps is the most detailed and best labelled one.

Maps of rivers in China labelled and detailed.

This map shows the Amur water basin which is located partly in China but largely in Russia.

China rivers marked in blue.PRC Maps of Rivers in China like the Mekong River, Chang Jiang, etc.

Outline map of rivers in China

map of china river basins

I hope you found these maps useful. China is a huge country filled with resources and its good to be educated about them.

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