Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blank Map of India

This is the 100th post on Free Printable Maps, so I decided to focus on the country that I am most interested in travelling to next: India. But I've already posted some good maps of India and South Asia, so today I decided to post a blank map of India collection, for the benefit of students learning about India in geography class, and those students' teachers. Some of the blank India map images show India alone, with no political boundaries, while others showing the surrounding countries and India's state borders.

Here are the blank India map downloads:

Blank map of India showing the Indian states' boundaries
Blank India map showing the surrounding countries and Indian Ocean

Completely blank map of India with on boundaries or other countries

I hope you found a blank map of India that was useful for your studies and reference. India is a fascinating place, especially when you finally visit in person!

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