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City Map of Luzon, Philippines

If you need a city map of Luzon, Philippines then just have a glance down this page. There are some maps showing Luzon and its main cities, not just the capital city Manila but other important provincial cities as well.

Luzon is the largest island in the Philippines, and its most politically and economically important. The capital city of Manila is located on Luzon, as is Quezon City - the most populous city in the Philippines and an integral part of Metro Manila.

As the world's 15th largest island, Luzon's total area is 104,688 square kilometers. It is the 5th most populous island in the world, with a population of 39,500,000. 2015 UPDATE: My current research indicates that Luzon is now the FOURTH most populous island in the world, after Java (Indonesia), Honshu (Japan), and Great Britain.

Luzon refers not only to the single island described above, but also to one of the three major island groups in the Philippines (the others being the Visayas and Mindanao). The Luzon island group includes satellite islands such as Mindoro, the Batanes group and Babuyan group of islands, Palawan, and others.

Check out the maps below:

Major city map Philippines Luzon island.

Main city map Philippines Luzon Island.

This map here zooms in on the cities of the national capital region of the Philippines, which is on Luzon island.

Capital region city map Philippines Luzon island.

I hope you find the maps on this page useful. Luzon island is a beautiful place to visit, and I hope you`ll have a chance to visit there sometime.

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