Saturday, August 30, 2008

City And Parish Map Of Louisiana

Louisiana is a state in the southern USA, located east of Texas and west of Mississippi. Its capital city is Baton Rouge, while its largest city and metropolitan area is New Orleans.

Unlike other US states, Louisiana is not divided into counties, but rather "parishes", a term originally used for church administrative areas. At this point there is really no distinction in how they function, but "parish" is more just a traditional word that Louisiana continues to use.

It's not easy to find a combined city and parish map of Louisiana. But I found a couple that were helpful to me. The first one is a road map that shows the cities and parishes of Louisiana in great detail.

Parish map of Louisiana with roads

The second one shows the parishes of Louisiana, but only the major cities. This is useful if you're more interested in the general picture.

Louisiana parish map with main cities

This last one has little detail, showing only the parishes themselves but not the roads or cities.

Map of Louisiana parishes

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