Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blank Africa Outline Map

Here is a selection of blank Africa outline map with labelling. These are useful if you want to add your own graphics or labelling. They're also good for geography tests! So all you teachers feel free to download them.

Africa is the world's second most populous continent (after Asia), with 922 million people, or 14.2% of the total. The earliest ancestors of humans are widely thought to have originated in the African continent.

A wide variety of climates and topographical features exist in Africa. The climate can be freezing on Africa's high mountains, tropical in the rainforest and coastal areas, and temperate in other areas. North Africa is primarily desert, while the southern part of Africa is mostly rainforest and savannah plains.

White blank Africa outline map for students

All blue blank Africa map outline image.

Peach color Africa outline map with no country or feature labelling.

Small completely blank outline map of Africa with no border lines or labelling at all.
I hope these blank outline maps of Africa were of good help to you. Africa is a fascinating continent which all students should become familiar with. Africa will continue to player a bigger role in the world in coming decades.

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