Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ancient Map Of Japan

If you are looking for an ancient map of Japan, you can find a few here. I'm no expert on pre-Meiji Restoration Japan, so I won't B.S. about old Japanese history. But I do work in Nara prefecture, which used to be called "Yamato" province and was the center of rule in Japan for several hundred years in ancient times, from approximately 250 CE to 710 CE. So while I don't know the history in detail, I do walk in the footsteps of that history every day. (^-^)

Map of Japan in the 7th century during the Yamato Period, when Japan was ruled from Yamato province (in present-day Nara prefecture).

Ancient map of Japan as Yamato in the 7th century.

Map of Japan's administrative during the Heian Period.

Ancient map of Japan in Heian period.

A thorough map of the provinces of ancient Japan in the Sengoku Jidai, "The Warring State Period".

Japan sengoku jidai map

Here's another great map of Japan in the sengoku jidai.

Ancient map of Japan in warring states period: the Sengoku Jidai.

I hope you found an ancient map of Japan that was suitable for your needs. And I hope that I`ve sparked your interest in the history of Japan. I love looking at maps and imagining what the people who used to live there were like, what their lifestyle was like. The map has changed so much, that it was clearly a very different world back in those days. Japan is now a super high-tech country known for its electronic and automobile innovation, but during the feudal era it was a largely rural country full of warriors. It bends the mind to think about it. And it`s the same for any country with a long history. Historical maps are our doorway into the past.

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