Saturday, August 9, 2008

Africa Physical Map

Here you can find a downloadable Africa physical features map, showing the elevations and vegetation of the African continent.

Africa is 30.2 square kilometers in area (11.7 million square miles), making it the second largest continent. It covers approximately 6% of the Earth's surface, and just over 20% of it's total land area. To its north lies the Mediterranean Sea, to its northeast lies the Red Sea extending down to the horn of Africa, to its southeast lies the Indian Ocean, and to its west lies the Atlantic Ocean.

Physical elevation map of Africa brown green

Small Africa physical features map showing contours

Political and physical map of Africa showing borders and country names but also contours and land forms.

Another classic Africa physical map for people with geographic interests.

Satellite Africa physical map

Small but cool contour topographical Africa physical map for download.

We hope you found these Africa physical map downloads helpful and we encourage you to bookmark and check back for frequent updates.

Click on the maps to make them bigger and zoomable.

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