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Map of South Sudan

South Sudan FlagAre you looking for a map of South Sudan? South Sudan is the world`s newest country, declaring its independence from Sudan on July 9th, 2011. The cessation of South Sudan is the result of a peace agreement stemming from the long civil war between the predominantly Arab northern Sudan, and the non-Arab tribes in the south.

The total size of the South Sudan nation is 644,329 sq km. The former size of the Sudan, from which South Sudan ceded, was 2,505,813 sq km (making it the largest country in Africa at the time), so South Sudan comprised approximately 25% of the land mass of the former Sudan. Sudan nows still controls 1,861,484 sq km, making it roughly three times larger than South Sudan.

The current boundary between the two countries is a provisional one and is not set in stone. Further negotiations over territory are set to take place. In particular, the status of the region of Abyei will be the direct subject of negotations between the two countries, so this disputed region may be shifted over toe South Sudan`s soveriegnty, or the land divided between the two countries. South Sudan maps are therefore subject to change in the future.

The population of South Sudan is 8,260,490. The capital city is Juba, with a population of approximately 250,000. The country is neighboured to the east by Ethiopia; to the southeast by Kenya; to the south by Uganda; to the southwest by Democratic Republic of Congo; to the west by Central African Republic; and of course to the north by Sudan. The Nile River runs through South Sudan and into Uganda.

I hope you find the following map of South Sudan useful.

This is South Sudan.

South Sudan maps

This is a map of the current borders of Sudan, post separation.

map of Sudan minus South Sudan

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