Friday, October 30, 2009

Map of 52 States in USA

I was a little bit surprised to discover that many people on the internet are searching for the phrase "map of 52 states in USA". That's really interesting, because there are only 50 states in the USA, not 52. I think that maybe some non-Americans mistakenly believe that there are 50 continental states and that Alaska and Hawaii are an additional 2. But that is not correct. Actually there are 48 continental states, and Hawaii and Alaska make 50.

There are however some US territories that are not full US states but are administered by the US. One is Puerto Rico, lying in the Caribbean Sea. It is classified as a commonwealth, but in many ways functions like a state and its residents are US citizens. Others include Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands (of which Saipan is the capital), the United States Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. Some people may mistake some of these for states when in fact they are not, though they are administered by the US.

Here you can find a map of 52 states in USA (well 50 plus territories!)

Map of 52 states in USA?
Map of 52 states in USA - no, only 50
Map of 50 states plus territories
There is no such thing as a map of 52 states in USA!

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