Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Map Of Minnesota State

Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern area of the United States of America. It is the northermost state in the continental US (ie. excluding Alaska which is further north of course), lying on the shores of Lake Superior and bordering Canada to the north. It is bordered to the west by North Dakota and South Dakota, Iowa to the south, Wisconsin to the east, and also shares a water border with Michigan.

It is the twefth largest US state by size, having a total area of 87,014 square miles
(225,365 km²). It is the 21st most populous state, with a population of 5,197,621. Almost 60% of those people live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area (aka The Twin Cities).

Below you can find various versions of the map of Minnesota state.

First is just a simple minimalist map of Minnesota state.
simple map of minnesota

This is one of the best road maps for Minnesota state that I've found.
Printable road maps for minnesota commuters.
Here's another small Minnesota highway map.
Detailed Minnesota highway maps to print.

This is Superior National Forest Map Minnesota.
Superior National Forest map Minnesota.

This is the map of Minnesota state that I used to prepare for my business trip to a conference there.
Here is the map of Minnesota state for print or download.

I hope you found the maps of Minnesota above to be useful for reference and as a travel companion. Next time you go on a trip make sure to sure the map collections here!

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