Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Printable World Map

Printable world maps for download. We`ll be adding lots more maps on a regular basis, so bookmark or subscribe and check back often!

These maps show the entire world, with its various continents, Oceans, and countries. These are meant to be printable so most of them are simple in their labelling.

This first world map has country borders drawn, but the countries names are not labelled. Test yourself using the map: where is Afghanistan? Could you find it? Where is South Korea? Could you find it?

Black and white printable world map for free download.

This next map has no labelling whatsoever, so it is very customizable.

Green highlighted world map of medium size.

This may not be the best printable world map because of its detail and color, but I wanted you to have one labelled map so you could find the various countries.

Color printable world map of political boundaries.

This is a simple world map for kids, with the names of the continents and oceans labelled.

Highlighted in orange printable world map image for geography enthusiasts.

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