Sunday, February 12, 2012

Map of Lima Peru

Look below to find yourself a map of Lima Peru for your reference.

Lima is the capital city as well as the biggest city in the South American country of Peru. And when I say it`s the biggest city, I mean it`s a massive city - the biggest city by far. It has a whopping population of over 7.6 million in the city proper, and 8.5 million in the metropolitan area. That is approximately a third of the population of the entire country. It is situated in the center of Peru, on a desert plain that overlooks the Pacific. Its metropolitan area extends to the coast and incorporates the seaport of Callao. It is the fifth most populous city in Latin America, after Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro.

The city was founded by the Spanish in 1535, and became the capital of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. Then, after Peru gained its independence, Lima became the capital of the new Republic of Peru.

Lima is a major destination for tourists, especially the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Lima and Rimac - the historical districts of the city. Other attractions include the beautiful and extravagant colonial architecture such of the Monastery of San Francisco, the Catherdral, Covenant of Santo Domingo, the Palace of Torre Tagle, and the Plaza Mayor.

The climate of desert is pleasant and comfortable, despite its location in a so-called subtropical desert. The summers (ie. winter in the northern hemisphere) are warm and dry, while the winters (summer in the northern hemisphere) are mild with little variation between day and night temperatures. Winter daily lows are between 12 to 16 degrees, and daily highs are between 16 to 19 degrees. And I`m talking degrees celsius, so don`t panic, Americans!

Map of Greater Lima Peru
Central Lima Map in Peru
Map of Lima for tourists

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Map of Shenzen SEZ

Down below the article there will be a map of Shenzen China for you to make good use of.

Shenzen is a large city located in southern China in Guandong Privice. It is located just north of Hong Kong, just beyond the border of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Shenzen itself is a SEZ (special economic zone) created to capitalize on its proximity to Hong Kong. These SEZs have more economic flexibility and more business friendly environments than mainland China as a whole.

Before the creation of the SEZ in 1979, Shenzen was a sleepy little village, but huge amounts of foreign investment as well as economically-incentivized migration, made this a boom town of monstrous proportions. Its population is now larger than Hong Kong`s with over 10 million people.

Basically the same as Hong Kong`s, Shenzen`s climate is subtropical, with hot humid summers and mild winters that are fairly dry.

map of Shenzen
map of Shenzen China
Tourist map of Shenzen SEZ China

Enjoy your visit to Shenzen, China and I hope you find the above map of Shenzen collection useful in navigating this gigantic new city.

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