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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Important Maps of Earthquake in Nepal

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By now you`ve all heard about the earthquakes and even more recent aftershocks in Nepal (which also affected neighboring China and India). The original quake on April 25, 2015 was a 7.8 on the Richter scale, causing thousands of deaths - including the death of 19 on Mount Everest due to an avalanche. The epicenter was in Barpak in the Gorkha region, which is about 80km northwest of Kathmandu. There was heavy devastation in Kathmandu as well.

The more recent aftershocks that took place on May 12 had a magnitude of 7.3. It occurred on the same fault line but further east and closer to the capital of Kathmandu.

This first map shows but the original earthquake, plus the aftershocks clustered around Kathmandu.

Earthquake map of Nepal

This second map is a humanitarian map that indicates the severity of devasation in the areas affected by the earthquake.

Map of Earthquake in Nepal

Here is one more map showing the two series of quakes in central Nepal.

Big map of Earthquake in Nepal

This final map is a fault line map of Nepal. You should study world fault line maps to be informed and stay safe in the event of an earthquake.

This disaster in Nepal is one of the worst in its history. Let`s all pray for the people of Nepal and help suport the relief efforts.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Political Maps of Nepal

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Most people have heard of the country Nepal, though most people don`t have much knowledge of the country and only a handful have actually visited there. But for those who visit, it`s a truly wonderful experience. Out of all the countries I have visited, Nepal has the friendliest people, the most untouched, unglobalized culture, and the cleanest streets of any developing country. It was a very peaceful experience. And on top of that, the temples and historical sites were absolutely beautiful.

Nepal is located in South Asia, in the Himalayan mountain range between India and China. It has a population of 27 million, making it the 41st most highly populated country in the world. It has a much lower population density than India, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries. The capital city is Kathmandu, which has a population of about 1,000,000. But Kathmandu feels much more like a smaller town than a metropolis of a million people. The size of Nepal is about 147,188 square km (56.827 square miles), which makes it the 95th largest country in the world.

Here are some political maps of Nepal showing the borders, towns and cities.

political nepal map

Map of Nepal

This final map here shows the various administrative regions of Nepal. Most of you have only heard of Kathmandu and Mount Everest, but there are plenty of other places in Nepal.

Map of Nepal Administrative Zones

Nepal is a beautiful country, both in terms of nature, and in terms the people. I hope you have a chance to visit, to meet the locals, and then to get out of the city and experience the beauty of the land.

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The 5 Most Divisive USA Stereotype Maps!

We all love our own state better than the others, which is exactly why it can be so annoying to hear to crazy stereotypes that other other states label you with. Or is there some truth to the stereotypes after all? The rest of the country and maybe even the world seems to think it, after all!

This first USA stereotype map shows the worst element of each state, the "shame" of each state. Air pollution in California, high school graduation rates in Texas, unemployment in Michigan. Nevada -- crime! Hey, so far these all sound accurate and perfectly reflective of reality!

USA stereotype map - your state`s shame

The next USA stereotype map is similar, exposing the dark underbelly of each of the states! Whenever you want to anger and annoy someone from a different state, these are of stereotypes to use!

Negative stereotype map USA

And here is a personality map of the USA. The purple region is certainly accurate in my experience with New Yorkers and people from Jersey! :)
USA personality stereotype map

Some stereotypes are good, which is how this map is allowed to exist. "Most breastfed babies" in Oregon?

USA positive stereotype map

I`m not quite sure whether the next map is positive or negative, but maybe it`s a combination of both!

Both good and bad stereotypes USA
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The 5 Most Infuriating Stereotype Maps of the World

Nobody likes to see stereotypes of their country spread and become widespread misunderstandings. Unfortunately, there are a lot of judgemental pricks out there so stereotypes abound, about all of our countries! Of course everybody likes to mock every country aside from their own, but we suggest you be an equal-opportunity jerk and happily bash your own country too! Everyone wins. :)

All stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth, usually kernels that everybody notices and thinks about to themselves, but never says outloud, for fear of being offensive. But is the internet, so who cares! Nobody`s going to know if you laugh and jeer.

This first stereotype map is quite cogent! Every country or area`s stereotype seems right on the money!
Stereotype map of the world

The stereotype map shows the world according to San Franciscans. I am honored to be a member of Canada`s hat!
World stereotype map according to San Francisco

The next map shows how the average American sees the world. This doesn`t seem too far off the mark! :)

Stereotype map: How the average American Sees the World

This is another iteration of the world according to Americans. This one gets bonus points for including Borat!

World stereotype map

Here`s a newer version of the map above. Indonesia=Obama`s schoolmates!! And Brazil= the land of no pubes! :)
The world according to Americans map

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Maps of the World`s Most Dangerous Countries

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The world is a dangerous place! Of course there`s no need to spend your entire life paranoid, but it`s important to be informed and know the potential dangers around you. That`s why we decided to post these maps of the world`s most dangerous countries, to show you where you need to be more cautious.

On this first map, the bright green countries are the ones where there is no specific threat, these are generally safe countries. Of course you need to take precautions like you would in any place, but as long as you do that then you will most likely have no big problems. The blue countries require some more caution, and so on. The most danerous ones are dark pink, and it is recommended that you avoid all travel to those countries.

Map of dangerous countries

This next map shows the homicide rate in various countries around the world. The size of the blue dot shows the murder rate relative to the others. And each of the main labelled countries has a number figure, which indicates the number of persons murdered per 100,000. Look at Honduras! 91 homicides per 100,000?! I only know one person from Honduras, and he says that he had to travel around with an armed guard in his home country. Now I know why!

Map of global murder rate

This last map is not strictly about physical danger. It is a map showing risk to business people around the world. That includes both physical danger for visiting business people and expats, but also the reliability of the economy and resources, the level of corruption, the threat of stolen good or fly by night companies that run away without supplying you with what you paid for. It`s an aggregate score of all of those risks for global business people.

Map of global business risk

The world`s a fascinating place, and it`s great to get out there and see it first hand. Just don`t do anything too impulsive, because it`s always important to look into the situation in each country before you go there.

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Maps Showing Gay Rights Around the World

If you`ve arrived here looking for maps of countries where homosexuality is illegal, or where gay marriage is legal, then you`ve found what you were looking for!

When choosing where to travel and spend your tourist dollars it`s important to think about the values of that country and whether or not those are values that you can accept. If you are strong supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, then you may want to examine these maps which show where homosexuality is legal, illegal, and what the penalties for "offendors" are.

I like this first map the best because it allows me to focus on the positive (according to my values): the countries in dark blue where gay marriage is legal, and those countries where common law union is legal.
Map showing where being homosexual is illegal

This map focuses on where homosexuality is illegal. The most problematic areas are Africa, the Middle East, and some other areas with large Muslim populations like Pakistan and Malaysia. Indonesia does not have any laws regarding homosexuality, despite being a Muslim-majority country.

Map showing penalty for homosexuality

Here`s another amazing map categorizing countries by persecution, recognition, and protection.

Map of Lesbian and Gay Rights in the World

This map shows one of the most problematic areas for persecution, Africa. It is problematic not only because of the number of countries where being gay is illegal, but also because it the one continent where people are really fanning the flames and starting something akin to a witch hunt. This is partly thanks to foreign evangelicals encouraging the local population to go that route.

Map of gay rights in Africa

You may not agree with those of us who have no problem with homosexuals living the way that`s natural for them. But hopefully you can agree that they should not be persecuted, locked up, or killed for their sexual orientation. I hope that one day all of these maps are a single color, a color that represents "freedom of choice".

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Frightening Drug Cartel Maps of Mexico

Mexico`s drug cartels and their frightening carnage and massacres have been haunting us through our television screens for years. Just how bad is the problem? Is it everywhere in Mexico? Are most areas safe? How can you keep safe? These are important questions to ask before visiting Mexico.

The drug trade in Mexico expanded rapidaly in the past couple of decades after the fall of the huge Colombian drug cartels. Mexico is right next door to the US, which makes for easy transport straight into the number one market. Some of the border areas with the US, especially Chihuahua province near Texas, have a very high homocide rate.

The influence of drug cartels extends throughout the whole country, with different cartels (ie. groups of gangs cooperating together) controlling different areas. But their activity is much greater in certain areas, and in certain disputed areas there is an extreme amount of violence between rival cartels. 

The next few maps show the drug cartels` areas of influence, and disputed territories.

Map of Drug Cartel Influence in Mexico

Mexico drug cartel map

Mexico map of drug gangs

Mexico danger map drug cartels

Cartel map Mexico

The next two maps are not strictly drug cartel maps, but rather travel advisory and danger zone maps. But as you can guess, there is a strong correlation between cartel activity and general danger for travelers. In the first map entitled "Traveler Safety in Mexico" you can see that the town names are color-coded, with green meaning "presumed safe", yellow meaning "be cautious" and red meaning that a travel warning has been issued.

Mexico Travel Advisory Map

The next map shows the homocide rate in various Mexican provinces. You`ll see that the area around Tijuana is red, meaning "medium high" homocide rate, while Chihuahua province near the El Paso border is black, meaning "very high" homocide rate. Please take when visiting Ciudad Juarez.

Mexico crime map
The most important priority when traveling is obviously safety, because if you never make it home, then your whole journey was for nothing. I hope that these maps help in your research into the situation in Mexico, and help contribute to your safety.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Maps of Juarez, Mexico

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Ciudad Juraez (in Spanish that means "City of Juarez") is a Mexican border town, lying next to the Texas border. On its own it is a city of about 1.5 million, which makes it the fifth largest city in Mexico. Just across the border in Texas lies El Paso, Texas, and together they form a single metropolitan area - a binational conurbation just like San Diego and Tijuana. That binational urban area has a population of about 2.7 million people.

There is a lot of economic interaction between the two cities, with 23 million border crossings a year. A lot of American businesses have moved across the border into Juarez or have opened branches there. American brands and chain stores are easy to find here. That foreign investment also means that the cost of living is high relative to other parts of Mexico. 

Juarez is also sadly known as a center of the Mexican drug trade where drug cartels intimidate the local population. This is obviously because it`s a border town from which drug shipments can be dispatched for the United States.

Here are some maps of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico:

mapa de ciudad juarez

Map of Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is a great place to visit if you happen to be in Texas and want to try something different. Just stay out of the way of any scary people and avoid any talk about gangs or drugs.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Three Hard-to-Find Maps of Puebla City, Mexico

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The city of Puebla, Mexico is located in Puebla Province, in Central Mexico between Mexico City and Veracruz. It`s one of Mexico`s major Spanish colonial cities and is therefore full of wondrous historical architecture which helped it become chosen to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its population is 1,539,819 which makes it the fourth largest city in Mexico, while its metro area has 2,668,347 people. So it is a city where you can see both the old historical "New Spain" as well as a modern bustling Mexican metropolis.

Puebla is located in the Central Mexico highlands, which moderates its climate quite a lot. Its daytime highs are quite consistently warm year round, and its daily lows are quite consistently cool year round. But the summer months are warmer than the winter months, by 5-6 degrees celsius.

Here are some hard-to-find Puebla City maps:

Mapa de la ciudad de Puebla

Map of Puebla City, Mexico

Puebla City, Mexico map

Puebla is a beautiful city full of historical eye candy, so it would be too bad if you couldn`t make the time to visit it even for a short time. It may be off the typical tourist route, but you won`t be disappointed if you come here!

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