Thursday, May 14, 2015

Maps Showing Gay Rights Around the World

If you`ve arrived here looking for maps of countries where homosexuality is illegal, or where gay marriage is legal, then you`ve found what you were looking for!

When choosing where to travel and spend your tourist dollars it`s important to think about the values of that country and whether or not those are values that you can accept. If you are strong supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, then you may want to examine these maps which show where homosexuality is legal, illegal, and what the penalties for "offendors" are.

I like this first map the best because it allows me to focus on the positive (according to my values): the countries in dark blue where gay marriage is legal, and those countries where common law union is legal.
Map showing where being homosexual is illegal

This map focuses on where homosexuality is illegal. The most problematic areas are Africa, the Middle East, and some other areas with large Muslim populations like Pakistan and Malaysia. Indonesia does not have any laws regarding homosexuality, despite being a Muslim-majority country.

Map showing penalty for homosexuality

Here`s another amazing map categorizing countries by persecution, recognition, and protection.

Map of Lesbian and Gay Rights in the World

This map shows one of the most problematic areas for persecution, Africa. It is problematic not only because of the number of countries where being gay is illegal, but also because it the one continent where people are really fanning the flames and starting something akin to a witch hunt. This is partly thanks to foreign evangelicals encouraging the local population to go that route.

Map of gay rights in Africa

You may not agree with those of us who have no problem with homosexuals living the way that`s natural for them. But hopefully you can agree that they should not be persecuted, locked up, or killed for their sexual orientation. I hope that one day all of these maps are a single color, a color that represents "freedom of choice".

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