Thursday, February 2, 2012

Delhi Road Map

Check out the Delhi Road map selection down below. Hopefully you will make good use of these!

Delhi, the capital of India, is a huge metropolis with a massive road system and sometimes chaotic traffic situation. To be honest, I wouldn`t be caught dead driving in Delhi, but luckily for people like me there are many public transportation options as well as anb abundance of cheap taxis.

The Delhi Bus Rapid Transit System is a system currently being developed for the city of Delhi, and will be integrated with the (not yet operating but coming soon) Delhi Monorail and Delhi Light Rail. These three systems will combine to make public transport more convenient in this massive metropolis.

Traffic in Delhi is mostly road-based, which causes heavy traffic problems. The light rail and monorail systems will hopefully ease road congestion. In addition, overpasses and flyovers are being considered to create more space above ground level.

Delhi Road map for tourists
Road map of Delhi India
Delhi Road Map

Hopefully you found a good road map of Delhi up above. You`ll need it to navigate such a chaotic metropolis and roadway system.

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