Saturday, December 31, 2011

San Antonio Map

San Antonio is another one of those places that to me always seemed like it only existed on tv and in the movies. I associate it with spicy food and cowboy films. But it is actually a massive city, the seventh largest city in the United States and bigger than Dallas. It has a population of 1.3 million people, with the metropolitan region having about 2.2 million. Even though the city itself is seventh largest in the US, the metro area is not nearly seventh biggest, in fact it is only the 24th largest metro area, which can make San Antonio seem comparatively small, relative to other cities of a similar population.

San Antonio lies at on the Western border of the humid subtropical region, and can be either very humid or dry depending on various factors. It is very hot in the summer, with cool to warm winters. Winters can see fairly high daily high temperatures, but at night the temperature occasionally falls below zero. Snow falls about once every four years in San Antonio. March through November sees daily high temperatures above 20 degrees celsius.

This first San Antonio map shows the major roads and highways of the city.

This is a simple map of Greater San Antonion, Texas.

Greater San Antonio map with suburbs

This is an interstate map of San Antonio.

San Antonio map for visitors

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